Avoid Teacher Burnout 

When a teacher is not feeling the best or performing at their best level, or worse – approaching potential burnout, this shows in their performance. In a domino effect it affects teacher relationships with peers, leaders, parents and the wider school community. Most detrimentally this negative performance can adversely impact the attitudes and performance of their students.

With increasingly blurred lines on the use of computers and devices in the classroom, teachers are being looked upon to be aware, and in control, of what is on screens. Having access to easy to use controls, empowers teachers and ensures they continue to have ownership of activities in the classroom.

Tips for ensuring teacher resilience:

 – Build the capabilities and skills of teachers by providing professional development on resilience and wellbeing
 – Provide resources and support that are fit for purpose
 – Enable access to appropriate technologies that enable and empower teachers in their teaching environment
 – Allow space to rest and reflect • Where possible provide opportunities for work life balance
 – Foster a sense of community by encouraging communication
 – Ensure teachers feel valued, acknowledge and celebrate what they do
 – Check in with colleagues, often

We all need our teaching machine to be operating at peak efficiency. Only then will the desired output of well educated children be delivered by inspiring and positively engaged teachers.

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