Gain Valuable Insights from School Leaders 

We surveyed leaders from more than 100 schools on digital risk and found that Student wellbeing is the highest priority for school leaders when it comes to digital enablement. 

In our newly released Research Paper – Digital Evolution, digital risks both in and outside classrooms were identified by CyberHound’s senior research team.

Education and IT leaders were asked a series of questions on digital challenges faced by their school communities, ranging from internet bandwidth needs to the importance of cybersafety to prospective families.

Key school leader insights explored in Digital Evolution include:

 – Student wellbeing and cybersafety being a high priority in schools
 – Flexible in-class content is a must for modern teachers
 – Internet capacity and reliability seen as key

Data provided by school leaders, supported by further independent research forms the basis of the Research Paper – Digital Evolution, which highlights digital challenges and opportunities faced by schools across Australia.

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