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CyberHound Helps Protect Australian Schools from Pornography Rings

Recent news of pornography rings trying to infiltrate Australian schools to exploit students is extremely concerning, but unfortunately not new.

Over 10 years ago, CyberHound identified this emerging issue and developed a unique technology called ClearView to help Australian schools protect students from predators. Since then, ClearView has evolved significantly. It can now deliver immediate alerts and reports to help schools identify, evidence and manage indicators of predatory behaviour, as well as identifying other at risk behaviour:

  • Self-harm
  • Cyberbullying
  • Radicalisation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Profanity and Drugs
  • Racism
  • And other welfare areas

CyberHound’s all-in-one solution combines ClearView with granular web filtering and advanced application controls to provide:

  • Real-time categorisation of websites that ensures that risky or dangerous sites cannot be viewed within the school networks we are protecting
  • Application control to block anonymous proxies or other applications that could be used to upload or access unsafe content
  • The ability to detect patterns of behaviour that indicate potential risks
  • Advanced historical or real-time reporting and alerting

CyberHound has over a decade of experience in delivering this advanced level of protection. This is now helping hundreds of independent, catholic and state schools across Australia to provide cybersafety and behavioural analytics across their schools.

How have we helped other schools?

The Suncoast Christian College case study demonstrates how CyberHound has helped them identify this very issue:

“The CyberHound solution has already been able to stop a sexual predator from outside the school contacting a student on their school-provided laptop. The reporting and alerting system from CyberHound has proved invaluable in bringing these unwanted advances to our attention for us to action.”Greg Mattiske DP, Suncoast Christian College

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