What parents can do when a bully targets your child

About 1 in 5 students report being bullied each year, and figuring out how to respond is difficult. A parent’s first impulse — whether to fly into a rage and call the bully’s parents or dismiss the whole thing as “kid stuff” — is not necessarily the right path.

There is new understanding of bullying as a complex, multifarious problem that doesn’t lend itself to one-size-fits-all responses. Educators and psychologists are placing more emphasis on teaching students coping skills, encouraging children to tell adults when they’re bullied, and having parents work with teachers and school administrators to resolve problems.

quotatoin-marks-01  There is no single way
to deal with bullying.  quotatoin-marks-02

Parents who discover a child is being bullied should stay calm and encourage him or her to talk about what happened. Listen closely and take notes. Invite your child to figure out what she wants to happen. It is essential to work with the school if the bullying is intense, frequent or prolonged, but not every case is clear-cut.

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