31.5.3 Available for installation by the support team. 14 December 2018 Enhancements Log Viewer Web Interface log retention increased from the current default of up to 4 weeks to up to 3 years.


31.6.3 Available for installation by the support team. 14 December 2018 Enhancements Web Interface HTTPS is enabled by default for the web UI and all *.localnetwork.zone requests are automatically redirected to HTTPS. HTTP WebUI will be deprecated in a future release. Resolutions Administration Test configuration page no longer fails when behind an upstream proxy. Network […]


31.6.1 Available for installation by the support team. 24 Oct 2018 Enhancements Category Web Filtering When requesting a URL recategorisation, an email is now sent with those details to the Alert email address. HTTP AV Optimised disk performance with HTTP AV scanning. Internet Authentication The Active Directory Pass through Authentication Service can now be installed […] Available for installation. 24 October 2018   Enhancements Authentication Added support to use different AD user credentials for WMI pass through authentication. Updated help articles have been added to assist with WMI configuration HTTP-AV Improved performance throughput of the HTTP AV Engine when scanning large file sizes Resolutions Access Policies Resolved an issue where […] Available for installation. 8 Aug 2018 Enhancements LiveZone Improved widget loading and user searching performance Resolutions Internet Auth Resolved an issue which would occasionally cause the health check system to incorrectly restart the Internet Auth pass-thru queue service every 2 seconds following an auth restart while the auth system is under load. Dynamic DNS […]


31.5.2 Available for installation by the support team. 29 Jun 2018 Enhancements Core Platform Changed the way limits were applied to various services, improving system stability and improving performance on large sites. Core Platform Security and performance updates. Authentication Added a new pass-through authentication option for domain-bound MS Windows devices, using WMI from the Appliance […]


31.4.6 Available for installation. Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required). 21 May 2018 Customers using the RoamSafe Agent in certain configurations may be required to do a small piece of housekeeping to ensure a clean transition. The three configuration types are listed below along with what if any action may be required from you: For […]


31.4.4 Available for installation by the support team. 15 February 2018 Enhancements Authentication New detailed logging when using 802.1x Authentication using the SYSLOG method. Site to Site VPN (IPSEC) IPsec tunnels can now bind to a secondary link IP Address. Site to Site VPN (IPSEC) Added configuration UI for using SNAT on IPSEC tunnels. Resolutions […]