Application Controls

Manage hundreds of complex network applications and services
using CyberHound’s powerful application control rules.

Network Applications Made Easy

Managing access to education relevant applications has become increasingly complex with the introduction of sophisticated anonymising technologies, unmanaged end user devices and cloud-based services. Utilising CyberHound’s unique application control signatures means schools are able to identify and manage access to hundreds of applications and make decisions based on 6 key areas. 

Manage Applications such as:

  • VPN’s
  • Anonymisers
  • Web Proxies
  • Bit Torrents
  • TOR
  • Dating Apps
  • Tinder

Allow Access to Applications such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Office365
  • Dropbox
  • Video conferencing
  • Skype
  • Plus many more…
  • Google Hangouts

Important Facts around Application Controls

Web filtering cannot control everything

Skype is an excellent example of a modern complex network application that does not simply use Internet ports to communicate. While Skype has many educational advantages and fundamentally is a great tool for connecting schools, students, boarders and parents, it’s not always an approved or safe method of communicating.

CyberHound’s flexible application controls allow schools to enhance educational outcomes by providing Skype access in a safe and supervised fashion during set times, classes, inside boarding houses or on approved devices but denying access at other inappropriate times or locations.