Available for installation by the support team. 3 August 2020
NGFW A new regex engine has been implemented to significantly improve the performance of Access Policy matching for rulesets including regular expressions.
NGFW A new load balancing algorithm has been implemented to optimise packet flows across queues delivering improved performance.
Web Filtering A new, larger Web Categorization database has been implemented to provide enhanced local URL Categorization, reducing cloud lookups and improving performance for customers with CyberHound HR2 hardware.
RoamSafe Agent for Windows Windows 10 Build version is now visible in the RoamSafe > General datasource.
Content Scanning The ClearView instant messaging client scanning feature for scanning legacy XMPP based applications has been deprecated.
Port Forwards Resolved an issue where some port forwarded connections could be incorrectly blocked by Access Policies. This could also result in block activity showing connections from port forwards incorrectly.
Direct Proxy Resolved a configuration issue with the Direct Proxy if “Accept headers from Xirrus Wifi Access Points” was enabled.
Web Proxy Resolved an issue between the Classroom Control API / Proxy that could sometimes result in “Scanner Error” being displayed for allowed URL’s.
Network Monitoring Resolved an issue where non-proxied traffic would sometimes not display correctly in Network Monitoring.
Network Monitoring Resolved an issue where application names would not be shown correctly in Network Monitoring when originating from an On-Net device with the RoamSafe Agent installed.
Classroom Control Resolved an issue where classroom controls were not working as intended for users logged in with their User Principal Name (UPN).

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