1 August 2019
Intrusion Prevention System Added a greylist for network addresses to be excluded from being blacklisted by the Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). Any malicious traffic from such endpoints will be dropped, but legitimate traffic is unaffected.
Intrusion Prevention System Improved the performance of the Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) by removing unnecessary username lookups for GeoIP events.
Intrusion Prevention System Resolved an issue with the Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that resulted in traffic on an Internet Interface which is 1:1 NAT’ed to LAN-side IP to not be scanned correctly.
Authentication Resolved an issue with the Cisco ISE Authentication service where, in the event multipe Cisco ISE servers were specified, some authentication logs would be ignored.
Authentication Added improved handling within the Cisco ISE Authentication service to better facilitate authentication sessions.

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