Binary update to the RoamSafe Agent (reboot required).

System Resolved an issue where configuration tasks could fail, if the system time was changed through the NTP service during boot up.
Email scanning Optimised database resource usage of the Email Scanning service.
YouTube Video Title Service This feature uses a new CyberHound YouTube service to retrieve titles and categories of YT videos viewed, enriching data for detailed analytics. Users can further drill down on Network Monitoring data into the new YouTube Analytics datasource.
This feature does not require either the YT cache or ClearView modules.
YouTube Analytics Datasource YouTube Video title data collected by the YT Title service are stored in a new YouTube Analytics data source. Queries of this data source can be added to existing or new reports. Video titles are Hyper-linked so that users can click on the video title and it will open that exact video in a new tab.
Web Filtering Google G Suite Domain Enforcement allows an organization to restrict access to specific G Suite domains only. This will block Group exclusions are available to exclude specific groups such as staff.
Web Filtering The new “Header in session” method of YouTube Restricted Mode enforcement allows for group based exclusions for both strict and moderate restricted mode. The DNS method now also allows for moderate restricted mode, but does not support group exclusions.
SNMP Monitoring SNMP Monitoring is now available on the LAN Interface of the CyberHound. SNMP V2 is being used with a community string to access the box. The OIDs that are provided will cover system, CPU, Memory, Network Interface and Disk. This information is available in the corresponding help article.
Configuration Users may now specify their own “From” email address for the sending of reports, alerts and notifications.
Configuration Configuration of custom certificates is now available in the Web Interface and IKEv2 server certificates can now be generated on the same Certificate Manager page.
Reporting Enhanced display of query results table with variable column widths and handling of columns with very long values, e.g. URLs.
 Administration A user now needs a higher level of administration permissions to access the Shutdown and Update functions of the appliance.
Reporting Reports can now be emailed directly from the Generate Report dialog.
Reporting Reporting now offers the ability to run saved queries via URL, authenticating with Basic Auth and retrieving the results as CSV files to aid automated data retrieval and reporting.
RoamSafe VPN Added the ability to disable pass-through authentication for RoamSafe VPN to facilitate bulk device authentication and user authentication via Captive Portal.

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