Available for installation by the support team.

IKEv2 Remote Access Resolved an issue where the service would not start if there was no intermediate certificate.
 IKEv2 Remote Access Increased number of threads to allow more simultaneous clients.
Reporting Resolved an issue where entries in the SMTP block events query would be counted multiple times, resulting in inflated statistics.
Reporting Resolved an issue that could result in reports not being sent.
Reporting Queries using network range filters now work correctly.
Reporting Reduce unwanted duplicate queries created during migration from release 30.x
Reporting Resolved an issue causing certain queries migrated from 30.x to never match any results.
Reporting Resolved an issue causing incorrect results in network monitoring when Roamsafe Agents are off the network.
Reporting Network interface graphs now display correctly when more than 5 interfaces are in use.
3rd-party Integrations Integration with Learning Management Systems now works correctly when the web interface is published a non-standard port.
Spam Filtering Added support for additional online spam signature services.
Spam Filtering Added support for the Truncate blacklist.
Spam Filtering Added support for additional malware signatures.

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